Someday when we grow up we’ll get a boss hi-fi, but for now we enjoy his and hers pawn shop Technics SL-D3 turntables with Shure M97xE and Music Hall Tracker cartridges respectively. She’s got a nice pair of RadioShack bookshelf speakers while he uses some rather overqualified EV MS-802 studio monitors, both systems powered by identical cheap 100 watt amplifiers. Plenty good enough for listening and dancing pleasure!

For pool parties and away trips, Gidget has a rugged little GE V211m portable (exactly like her very first record player given up at age ten for a "stereo") and totes her 45’s in a variety of carrying cases including one weathered Wakefield box.

On her nightstand for intimate moments rests a tender Imperial "Party-Time" player, its kicky but sweet modernity having become a motif for this site.

In the rec room Kahuna will surprise you with his wonderful Rockola 464 jukebox, which needs some work but swings fine, its gutsy woofers lubricated by the faux-neon glow of its mid-70’s roller boogie styling. We are always looking for playing copies to stuff into this thing!

Any future upgrades or technical deviance in our record player scene will be noted in this space.